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1200mm Keep Behind Line ‘Anti Slip’ Strip


Yellow and Black Red and Black
1 £10.00 £10.00
5 £40.00 £40.00
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1200mm Keep behind line floor Graphics to encourage social distancing.

Use our ultra tough polyester floor graphics to ensure the safety of your staff and customers.
Position around your shop, facility or building to remind people to keep social distancing rules.
Textured Floor Graphic with anti slip surface.

These floor graphics are easy to apply and fit, they are ultra tough and R10 certified.


Yellow and Black, Red and Black


1, 5, 10, 15, 20

Key Facts

  • Stand out colours
  • 1200mm x 200mm
  • Easy to apply / remove
  • Non Slip coating
  • Ultra tough Polyester Material
  • R10 Certified product

How to apply your Social Distancing floor graphic

To apply your social distancing floor graphics make sure that your floor area is free from dust and debris.
Peel back a small portion of the backing layer from the top and position your floor graphic gently sticking the top edge.
Continue to remove the remaining backing and ensure your social distancing sticker is stuck firmly to the floor.

If the surface that you are applying the floor graphic to is uneven or rough, you may need to heat around the edges of the sticker with a hair dryer or heat gun just to ensure they stick firmly into the floor surface.

Always ensure the surface you are sticking your graphics to is clean and clear of debris.